Know Your Gems

Woman's hand with jewellery gems, coloured stones

Whether you’re about to purchase a diamond or coloured gemstone in Manitoba, or trying to figure out what you’ve already got, knowing your jewellery really pays. At Gerry’s we believe if you’re an educated consumer you’ll make better purchases and be happier with what you buy.

The underlying science of diamonds and gemstones is also complicated. We can help you understand the difference between a VS-1 and an I-1 or the difference between a diamond that is white and one that’s tinted. Gerry Gordon’s Gemological Institute of America (GIA) education and his 25 years of adhering to GIA practices will help educate you on the enormous diversity and quality of diamonds and coloured stones.

Before you buy any diamond or gemstone, learn from the best.

Here’s a short video from GIA to help you understand what makes a great diamond.



* Trivia: In the U.S., the word jeweler is spelled with one “l” and in Canada, it’s spelled with two!